Cocolicious Organic and Wholesome Grain Free Canned Dog and Cat Food - New 95% Single Source Protein Recipes Now Available
A message from our founder...

Having endless amounts of love for our pets, my wife Shawna and I were constantly searching to feed them something we felt was safe, nutritious and clean. After several years of unsuccessfully searching for an organic, healthy line of pet food, we decided to create our own.

We took our ideas and began working on a line of pet food that was made with only the finest ingredients available. We worked with our team to come up with formulas that not only taste great naturally, but also provide a hormone and pesticide-free diet for our four legged friends.

Today, the most exciting reward of owning a family-run pet food company is having the ability to know exactly what our pets are eating. Our pet food is clean and healthy. As owners and passionate pet parents, we are thrilled to offer our products to pet parents that want the best for their pets, just like us.

Thank you for your business, Daryl & Shawna Abrams

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